Aerob - can you breathe? (2021)

for Harpsichord solo


Out (2021)

for Helder-Tenorrecorder solo


What about Significance (2020)

for 6 voices (S Mezz A T Bar B), 2 bass clarinets, percussion (2 Spieler*innen)


bloß ich (2020)

sound installation

for seven speakers and a motion sensor


Und ruht. Und ruht. (2020)

for nail violin (amplified, Loopstation) and sheet metal cello (amplified)


Für Finale (2020)

for the notation software Finale


Einverstand (2020)

for button accordion solo


Out (2020)

for alto saxophone solo


Aerob (2019)

for saxophone quartet


How she bowed to her brother (revised version) (2019)

for soprano, clarinet, recorder (Paetzold), nail violin, piano, viola and double bass

after Gertrude Stein


Hare sevende name (2019)

for Helder-alto und Piccolo-recorder (one player)


Durchfahrt (2019)

for mezzo soprano, alto und tenor


Beast (2019)

for sheet metal cello solo


Beast amplified (2019)

for sheet metal cello solo, guitar amp, effectpedals and 2-channel-amplification


Simple Couch Pet Matters (2018)

for two PCs, two Speakers (two performers)


Coffee Shopping Impolicy (2018)

for piano solo


Je suis (2018)

for harpsichord und live-electronics


paeonia iuxta cerebra (2018)

for bass clarinet, alto saxophone, french horn, percussion (one player: marimba und slide whistle)


Victoire, victoire, my sword for a victory! (2017)

for 2 players:

nail violin (Loop-Station)

Live-electronics, Klangregie


3EEE (2017)

for electric guitar and nail violin (amplified and loop station)


Sisters, bowing to each other (2017)

for Diskklavier, Soundpencils, a midi keyboard and concave bows

after Gertrude Stein's poem “How she bowed to her brother”

2 players: 1 master (anybody), 1 slave (the composer)


Harpoon (2017)

for three harps


How she bowed to her brother (2017)

for soprano, flute, recorder, saxophone, piano, double bass

after Gertrude Stein


2E2 (2016)

for solo electric guitar


2E (2016)

for piano quartet


Wartend (2016)

for nail violin, flute (also picc.), clarinet (also bass clarinet.), harp, viola, cello


Mutismusoper (2016)

Fixed Media (2-Kanal-Stereo)


Privat (2015)

Artrock production for voice and band